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We create the dots for you to connect-that's the mantra we adhere to. That means we engage minds in our concepts and have the ability to turn ideas into revolutions.Our branding techniques is to find that simple insight or angle that merges magic, logic and emotive content. The plan is to make ideas into big and long applications and we take the iniative..However we do keep some traditional values and still believe that if you can't storyboard it, then you have not done it... -jajaofafrica .


We have that boutique nimbleness and we put people over pixels and will never resort to the quirky or the gimmicky, Every jump off point will be original and will never scour the Net for “inspiration”.These are interesting times and its time to skip middle earth and come deep down to us -the real miners ..the original source of creative marketing communication and let's collaborate.


Q: You chose to come into the marketing and advertising industry at a difficult time when Ad spend is at all time low, why is that?

A: Lately, there’s been a call for diversity and collaboration in the marketing ad advertising industry, well that’s because the old agency model is played out. In rough economic times, Brands are beginning to demand truly effective and integrated campaigns that work, they want ideas with purpose that have a great go-to market, and they are aware that most big agencies do not have the franchise on big ideas, so when you hear of constant reviews among brands, fringe and small agencies like ours can see the smoke and know that the house in on fire, that chaos gives us an opportunity to proffer unique creative solutions... Click to read more


Round holes and square pegs, house and field, science and art,and the importance of knowing the difference, tackling this parallel situations is crucial for optimal marketing strategy and cannot be understated.As a marketing consultancy and advertising agency , jajaofafrica.org is a product of the changing landscape in marketing media.Specialization,collaboration and diversity are the new writings on the wall and we are effectively positioned to offer creative branding solutions to/for the most difficult genres .Our technique lies with simplicity, logic,magic with an emotive resonance,we simply put the round pegs in the round holes, separate the art from the sciences and bring the Fieldies to the door

As a media and communication group,we create the dots that people connect

As a Boutique Ad Agency,we strive after innovative marketing and original creativity, we are a rag tag team of the best creative mavericks in the industry.

As a Philosophy,we stand for the truth,regardless of the situation.

As a Business,we retain a persona of honesty.

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  •   Cape Town, South Africa
  •   chief@jajaofafrica.org.



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