Q of Q&A You chose to come into the marketing and advertising industry at a difficult time when Ad spend is at all time low, why is that?

A: Lately, there’s been a call for diversity and collaboration in the marketing and advertising industry, well that’s because the old agency model is completely played out. In rough economic times, Brands are beginning to demand truly effective and integrated campaigns that work, they want ideas with purpose that have a great go-to market, and they are aware lately that most big agencies do not have the franchise on big ideas, so when you hear of constant reviews among brands,we can see the smoke and know that the house is on fire , that chaos is a ladder that provides an opportunity for us to proffer unique creative solutions

Q of Q&A: What inspires your ad agency

A: That will be the fact that Ideas can be sourced from anywhere , we have seen the best ideas from the great agencies and still feel we can do better, our idea concepts are reversely engineered from consumer insight, this technique open up angles not previously seen by traditional agencies, Big ideas have to be stumbled upon and its akin to going into a darkroom with a blindfolds on, let’s just say that it is a talent that cannot be honed in academies, or in front of computers looking for “inspiration” like many big agencies do, this insight gives us the confidence of David over Goliath

Q of Q&A: What is your company’s immediate roll of plan

A: We do have a collection of ground breaking ideas that we have been incubating, and we were able to foresee that the Advertising And Marketing industry would eventually have to go through changes that are currently at play, like for instance the call for diversity, so this positioning has given us an advantage,as are always ahead of the curve

Q of Q&A: What about the creative brief

A: The word creative brief is a misnomer in itself, and it’s another fundamental flaw in marketing and advertising, it actually limits creativity, the so called creative brief is more tailor made for digital marketers, that need to narrow down on lead targets for cost effectiveness, boxing creative agencies with creative briefs, will lead to the current dismal state of creative marketing, after all if you want to sell ice to eskimos, you should at the very least let it appeal to non-eskimos too

Q of Q&A What’s your take on digital marketing

A: Digital marketing to use the well-used cliché, is pixels over people and flashing lights can be generic, Digital Marketers are “housies” , and are technical in nature, you can and should study digital marketing and should have certification of sorts, but to put them under one roof with the creative department, is a travesty, like oil and water, they should be completely separated, and it’s a good thing that collaboration is the new buzzword/fix, because creative magic cannot be found in a one stop shop, it has to be mined in the fields, then brought in house .It has to be solid and viable to digital platforms, and this is why we believe in specialization and collaboration, creative direction is the spark, and it has to be more than a flash in the pan because throwing meaningless images around on digital platforms is unfair to the paying client ,you have to have an emotive chord with your target audience and that should not be compromised , Digital without serious Creativity is a scam, and we don’t care what figures you bandy about, it will not translate into sales

Q of Q&A: How would you achieve that amidst all the clutter

A: The traditional ad world has changed, and Brands are becoming wary of frivolous ad spend and are cutting back, this is an opportunity, because in this field you cannot haul garbage, when you reach the door or big house of a brand, you should have a bag with precious gems, not many bags of stuff/clutter you hope they might be interested in, that’s just taking a chance , you should have one strain of ideas and not a mix bag of stuff,and taking initiatives to solve problems are what great agencies are made of

Q of Q&A: What has been the hardest path in starting up your boutique ad agency

A: The “establishment” and rigid postures of big brands, the signing of constant non-disclosure agreements, but things are changing, in a positive way. Also with the hiring of talent, since we specialize in creative content, we try to stay true to form and hire ‘artsy’ individuals. The best creative talents are always a handful, and seriously you cannot expect less challenges from a maverick, and purple socks and spiky hair does not a creative genius make. You always have to ask what their best work is (published or unpublished) and gauge their range from that. Our techniques in selection however gives us an edge as we go beyond what traditional agencies are willing to cope with

Q of Q&A: Its not a secret that you have been involved in advertising black ops of sorts in the past

A: First of all ,it is a secret, but we have evolved into the mainstream ad world ,simply because the traditional advertising norms have become unconventional, and what better than a crew of natural born unconventionals to make the transition.

Q of Q&A: What is your unique selling position

A: We peddle Holy Grail creative concepts , that means when we present it, it will be unheard of , it will be unique and it will hit all the bullet points of marketing, we hunt for Big and Long ideas, and angles that seem impossible, that’s our specialty

Q of Q&A: You mentioned original creativity, how do you hope to protect your creations

A: Well there are copyright infringements laws, as if that stops the trolls from doing their thing, but on a serious note, if we come across a situation where we are ‘infringed upon’, we’ll take that as a “violation of our block”. that means we drop everything and face the perpetrator(s).

Q of Q&A: What other services do u provide?

A: I’ll tell you what we don’t do…and that’s jingles